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thoughts of spirit
After realizing how delicious it is even for this double Virgo girl to be so dreamy as I am these days, and realizing I have fairies singing in my head and am becoming re-enchanted, I wrote this:

So many times we find ourselves sacrificing spiritual 'tasks' for material ones. The material ones are so obvious when they build up: the kitchen stinks from the dirty dishes or old trash. The bills pile up and the collectors call. Our boss complains; our deadlines loom.

So why spend time or resources on addressing the spirit? Now, in this time, when we need to squeeze every drop of money out of the budget, when we feel like we need to work twice as hard to maintain our lives, how can we justify spending money on a spiritual reading, or our therapist, or even the spa membership, or taking time for ourselves when there is so much to be done? "Soon;" "later;" "next week when things quiet down," we say.

The simple truth is this: When we cross a task off of our tangible to do list, there's immediate relief, a sense that we are on top of the rising tide of chaos that threatens our control over our life. But that to do list is never ending. The dishes always need doing, the next deadline approaches after the first one passes. Our immediate relief is temporary; it is not sustained. But feed the spirit, and it filters into every area of our life. Our emotional life benefits from worries eased and a moment of peace experienced. Our material tasks seem less daunting when we start from the right heart space. And we remember the important stuff, and the reason we do everything else. We can step into our lives and our to do lists each day not from a damage control mindset, but with intention.

I'm reminded of this poignant poem:

I Didn't Have Time

I got up early one morning
And rushed right into the day!
I had so much to accomplish
That I didn't have time to pray.

Problems just tumbled about me,
And heavier came each task.
"Why doesn't God help me?" I wondered.
He answered, "You didn't ask!"

I tried to come into God's presence;
I used all my keys at the lock.
God gently and lovingly chided,
"Why, child, you didn't knock!"

I wanted to see joy and beauty,
But the day toiled on, gray and bleak.
I wondered why God didn't show me.
He said, "But you didn't seek."

I woke up early this morning,
And paused before entering the day.
I had so much to accomplish
That I had to take time to pray!

By Grace L. Naessens

Learn Astrology in 10 Minutes Video Series
Hi everyone,

Episode 4 is available at my website if any of you are following the series. Episode 4 deals with the sun's purpose in a natal chart. Even if you think you know, a detailed look and an example of positive and negative expression, might be a good eye opener. Enjoy! Tell me what you think if you like. Go! (crossposted like mad - sorry)


What Chakra Are You?
You Are the Third Eye Chakra
You are insightful and spiritual. You trust your intuition.
You are deeply philosophical. You spend a lot of time thinking and theorizing.

You are wise beyond your years. People turn to you for direction and hope.
You are a clear thinker. You often know what you want to do and how you're going to do it.

Two student slots open
If you've been considering private lessons for astrology, now's a great time. I just finished up with two students and have those slots open. My rates are pretty low: $30/hour. I recommend once weekly for at least an hour, and if you purchase 9 sessions in advance you get a 10th free.

Private lessons are completely adaptable - whether you are beginning or intermediate, have specific questions or area of focus that you want to cover or need general intensification of your understanding, it all works! If you are not in the Seattle area, I've had great success with chat clients like msn messenger, and it's a handy way to keep a record of our sessions so you can refer to them later if you like. We can also do phone lessons or computer to computer using Skype.

There's many options! Take advantage!!

(no subject)
I am working, any minute now, but I tell you what, it's at least 50 degrees outside and the sun is gently out and the sky is so huge and sweeping and I swear even this far from it I can smell the ocean ... it's SO hard to be inside right now...

10 Minute Astrology Free Video Learning Series
YAY! Episode 3 is up and I made past episodes available to see too for a short time. Go see!!!


Voice Post
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(no transcription available)

back to great heartfelt writing
Wow - Jeanette's column this month is moving. Her dad just died and she speaks so beautifully about him. There were a couple of lines in there that caught my breath. Check it out: jeanettewinterson.com. (click on 'column' on te left.

lyrics to Paloma by Carbon Leaf
Been meaning to post this for a few days. I love this song and I really love the lyrics. Especially right now. I know a few people, myself included, that I can apply them to. Take a listen (but don't watch, it'll ruin it) at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S7sQgXlb9Q

Chase the high ground
Where you'd rather be, where you might be found
Face all aglow
To leave from here, to pack up and go

But it takes some time to get away
You will have to build from what remains
To run it takes the courage of a lamb
To love, the fierceness of a storm

Paloma you wonder if you'll miss the thunder and everyone's staring but no one is caring for you now
just spread your wings, latch onto the breeze
just take the leap and you're free

Chase the higher ground
Where you'd rather be, where you might be found
This move may erase the troubles in your head
or expose the absence of your soul

And so it takes some time to get away
you will have to tear down what remains
And I can't stand by for goodbyes
so hold on to me or lead the way

Paloma you wonder if you'll miss the thunder and everyone's staring but no one is caring for you now
just spread your wings, latch onto the breeze
just take the leap and you're free

Pace yourself when outrunning fear
Take cover when it's dark and keep an even keel
In your world you're only a phone away
but in my world you're too far to feel

And it may take some time to learn what's real
You may have to beg and borrow and you will surely steal
Remember all those lonely lessons turned into yesterday's lessons
To never forget love, to never forget love

Paloma you wonder if you'll miss the thunder and everyone's staring but no one is caring for you now
just spread your wings, latch onto the breeze
just take the leap and you're free

Paloma you cry out you beg for connection
Dreams you seek are straight ahead in every direction
now you're free
now that you're, you're free
now that you're, you're free

Today I watched the greatest thing of all
A flock of birds preparing for the fall


book meme
* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

**And I would add that I want to know what book it is.

The closest book to me doesn't have a page 56.
So here's the next closest:

"Loneliness comes and goes apart from the measures we take. It does not depend on being literally alone, for pangs of loneliness can strike in the midst of friends, in bed with a lover, at the microphone before a cheering crowd. When feelings of loneliness are seen as archetypal, they become necessary; they are no longer harbingers of sin, of dread, or of wrong. We can accept the strange autonomy of the feeling and free loneliness from identification with literal isolation."

The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling / James Hillman.